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“Oppenheimer” and the whitewashing of Immigrant’s Contributions to the Success of the United States

By |SMA Immigration Law Firm|

The new blockbuster “Oppenheimer” is epic and majestic and aesthetically brilliant and has a who’s-who cast of actors who took any part they could to be part of its legacy. It tells the story of the life of brilliant [...]

Why the H-1B Visa cap Should be Eliminated

By |america immigration, H-1B Visa Attorney, SMA Immigration Law Firm, Steve Maggi|

Addressing the Mismatch: Eliminating the H-1B Cap to Meet Employer Demand for Employment-Based Visas in the US The United States has long been a land of opportunity, attracting global talent and fostering innovation. However, the current system of employment-based visas falls [...]

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