From US citizens to Personas Non Grata to US citizens again


The Ortegas were all U.S. citizens, from the grandfather, Joaquin Sr., to his son, Joaquin Jr., and Jr.’s wife, Laura, and their three kids, including 17-year-old Joaquin III. What made this family unique was that [...]

From US citizens to Personas Non Grata to US citizens again2023-02-15T18:55:09-05:00

Why “Rock Stars” Deserve Green Cards Too!


The recent Super Bowl ad, which had the godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne, and Paul Stanley, the face of glam rock, objecting to the use of the term “Rock Star” for non-music-related overachievers was [...]

Why “Rock Stars” Deserve Green Cards Too!2023-02-15T17:44:08-05:00

“Outside-In Immigration”


SMA Law Firm has its origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where its founder, Steve Maggi, set up shop in 2004 and started offering U.S. immigration legal assistance to people and companies from his native Argentina. [...]

“Outside-In Immigration”2018-10-16T14:42:26-04:00

The H-1B Visa under Trump


President Donald J. Trump recently announced plans to issue an executive order which would change the way the H-1B visa is used by U.S. employers. The “specialty occupation” visa is essentially used by U.S. employers [...]

The H-1B Visa under Trump2021-12-29T08:50:22-05:00

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