Future Spouse of U.S. Citizen Visa K-1

K visas cater to specific family relationships with U.S. citizens. The K-1 visa is designed for the fiancés of U.S. citizens living abroad, enabling them to enter the U.S. for marriage. Conversely, the K-3 visa is aimed at the foreign spouses of U.S. citizens, streamlining family unification while their permanent residency application is under review. When the fiancés or spouses have minor children, they can apply for the K-2 or K-4 visas, respectively.

For the K-1 visa, the foreign fiancé must be outside the U.S. The U.S. citizen initiates the process by filing the K visa application stateside. Upon approval, the corresponding U.S. consulate, based on the fiancé’s location, is informed. An interview typically takes place at the U.S. consulate before granting the K visa. Once issued, the foreign fiancé enters the U.S. and is allotted ninety days to tie the knot with the U.S. citizen. Subsequently, they can apply for an adjustment of status to achieve permanent residency. SMA offers guidance throughout this journey, from application preparation and consular interview assistance to the transition to permanent residency and, if desired, eventual U.S. citizenship.

The K-3 visa serves a dual purpose: to hasten family reunification and offer a temporary solution to the often prolonged family-based immigration process. This visa allows foreign spouses to reside and work in the U.S. while their permanent residency application is pending. To be eligible for the K-3 visa, the foreign spouse should be outside the U.S. Moreover, if the marriage took place outside of U.S. borders, the U.S. consulate in that country must issue the K visa.

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