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Birthright Citizenship – It is time for a real overhaul of the system to reward those who follow the laws and punish those who don’t

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Immigration and Birthright Citizenship – What We Need to Do to Deal with It. Let’s face it – this country is a disaster on so many fronts. The government finally woke up out of its century-and-a-half-long slumber to establish Juneteenth. [...]

From US citizens to Personas Non Grata to US citizens again

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The Ortegas were all U.S. citizens, from the grandfather, Joaquin Sr., to his son, Joaquin Jr., and Jr.’s wife, Laura, and their three kids, including 17-year-old Joaquin III. What made this family unique was that they were all U.S. citizens, [...]

Tech layoffs mean massive foreign national casualties and abandoning the heart of Tech success

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Google recently laid off 12,000 U.S.-based workers, following a trend of other prominent US Tech companies that recently had massive layoffs. The engine that drives these companies are the engineers and tech workers, and many of them are foreign nationals [...]

Get on board! The H-1B Visa roller coaster ride is here for US employers who need to hire foreign nationals with university degrees.

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The annual roller coaster ride, known as the H-1B visa application process, is about to go up the hill and come speeding down, with unknown twists and turns coming your way. For the next eight weeks, employers are scrambling to [...]


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