National Interest Exemption Gutted


On March 2, significant changes were made to the criteria for granting National Interest Exceptions to Presidential Proclamation 10143 (extending PP 9993), which suspends travel from Schengen countries, the Ireland and UK to the United States. [...]

National Interest Exemption Gutted2021-03-07T17:16:56-05:00

The hardest year in half a century for immigrants


The holidays are here and another year is about to come and go, but 2019 has been the hardest year in half a century for immigrants. The current administration has denied visas at astronomically rising [...]

The hardest year in half a century for immigrants2019-12-09T14:32:42-05:00

H-1B Transfer Activity Will Be Unprecedented


On May 1, prospective employers who sponsored H-1B visa candidates this year began to get receipt notices for US Masters Cap cases. In the month to follow, employers will find out the fate of the [...]

H-1B Transfer Activity Will Be Unprecedented2019-07-03T08:51:14-04:00

Why become a U.S. citizen?


In my profession, I get asked this question a lot. SMA assists many people to get permanent residence in the U.S., either through company sponsorship, self-sponsorship (extraordinary ability) or through family petitions or asylum applications, [...]

Why become a U.S. citizen?2019-06-09T18:00:39-04:00

Immigration Status and Employment Laws in New York


Foreign workers in the U.S. occupy every position from farmhand and dishwasher to engineer, doctor and CEO, and their visas and legal statuses also vary greatly. For the majority of the twelve-plus million undocumented immigrants, [...]

Immigration Status and Employment Laws in New York2019-03-01T18:07:30-05:00
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