The E-2 Investor Visa Roadblock


The E-2 Investor visa provides opportunities for foreign nationals to put on their entrepreneurial hat and start a business, invest in that business and get a visa to run their new business in the U.S. [...]

The E-2 Investor Visa Roadblock2023-02-15T17:27:56-05:00

Tech layoffs and the 60 day grace period


An impromptu race for new employment has begun nationwide in the U.S. tech sector. With Twitter, Meta and Amazon all announcing massive layoffs, tens of thousands of workers, many highly skilled engineers, are scrambling for [...]

Tech layoffs and the 60 day grace period2022-12-23T15:36:21-05:00

“Outside-In Immigration”


SMA Law Firm has its origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where its founder, Steve Maggi, set up shop in 2004 and started offering U.S. immigration legal assistance to people and companies from his native Argentina. [...]

“Outside-In Immigration”2018-10-16T14:42:26-04:00

A Country Built on the Shoulders of Immigrants


It seems obvious, doesn’t it? When the first boats from Europe came to the shores of what became colonies and then eventually the United States of America, the only native “Americans” were the Indians, the [...]

A Country Built on the Shoulders of Immigrants2021-12-29T08:47:23-05:00

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