SMA Is proud to announce the official opening of our Netherlands office, SMA NL, headed by attorney Rinske Harlaar. Due to SMA’s strong relationship with the Dutch business community, we believe it is time to provide local counsel to our clients and be able to continue to provide services on all U.S. immigration matters. Ms. Harlaar spent two and a half years working at SMA’s headquarters in New York, and is very familiar with all U.S. immigration matters. As Director, she will provide direct services to Dutch clients in their native language and assist on all visa and immigration cases originating from the Netherlands, including E-2, L-1 and O visas, as well as employment and family-based cases.

With Ms. Harlaar’s ample experience and the backing of SMA in New York, headed by founder Steve Maggi, Esq., SMA NL will be able to expand its services to its Dutch clientele locally. Working in conjunction with SMA’s main office, Ms. Harlaar will be able to keep the Dutch community informed of all changes in US immigration law and be in tune with their needs, and provide a highly effective and cost-conscious solution to all their U.S. immigration needs.

We are very pleased and excited to start this new chapter of SMA’s growth under Ms. Harlaar’s direction.