Extraordinary Ability Visas

In this category are included athletes, entertainers, and artists who are intending to perform in the United States under contract, such as actors, painters with an exhibit, designers, screenwriters, horse trainers and jockeys, professional baseball players, singers, etc., who are under contract and in the U.S. for a defined period of time, as well as sports or entertainment groups and essential support personnel. This visa requires a job offer and sponsor, and an already-approved visa petition in order to be processed at the consular level, depending on the specific requirements set forth by each U.S. embassy.

We assist the client with the petition process as well as the consular interview process in order to assure that they receive their visa. In recent years, there have been numerous cases of fraud perpetrated by fraudulent or “shell” companies who sponsor visas but do not actually employ beneficiaries. Visa applicants who knowingly participate in such scams risk being deported and/or being permanently admissible to the U.S.

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