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Xavier Crouilles

a month ago
Steve and his team have been an amazing help for our startup : Really involved in a complex case, they helped us through the whole process, were very reactive and even devised a successful change in strategy along the way because the context had changed. Thanks to them, we secured two E2 Visas and obtained them very quickly. I highly recommend this immigration attorney !

a month ago

We highly recommend Steve Maggi. He runs one of the most diligent and detail-oriented immigration firms we have ever come across. Steve was very knowledgeable about the whole L1 Visa process plus he was honest and clear about the challenges and opportunities regarding our CEO’s case, so that there were no unexcited delays due to paperwork.

We appreciate how quickly Steve got this L1 done and breathed a great sigh of relief when we learned how fast and professionally he responded to all our emails. Steve and his team explained everything in easy to understand terms to put us at ease.

It is important to mention that we had unpleasant experience with a previous law firm, however Steve and his team overcame our expectations.

Keep up the amazing work!

Emmanuel Maurette

a month ago
We we referred to SMA Law Firm to help us submit two visa petitions, in order to send a manager and an executive to the US to run the newly-formed subsidiary of the French company where we both worked. Since we needed to send both those individuals as soon as possible, after exploring various paths, Steve recommended presenting two E-2 petitions at the US Embassy in Paris, and and his team accepted the challenge, when other attorneys did not think it was viable. TSMA did an amazing job by giving us usefull advice, building a strategy and the two cases simultaneously, giving advice on the amount of investment required and even assisting with the revision of the business plan used in the petitions, helping is through this extensive and difficult process from A to Z. When other lawyers would’ve let us down or complained or asked for more money, Steve and his team were always there to help us, no matter how time it took or what time of the day it was.
The case was by the US Embassy in Paris and our interviews went very smoothly. This is because of the strong petitions that Steve and his team created in collaboration with us. It’s a big success for our company, and we’re really thankful for what they did and would highly recommend SMA Law Firm to any person or foreign company or start-up seeking for a great and trustworthy lawyer, especially in the complicated world of US immigration.

Ji Young Lee

2 months ago
Steve helped me with my green card renewal. He and his team made the process super easy and were attentive when I had questions. I highly recommend working with SMA Law Firm for the responsive, efficient and clear communication.

Santiago Reyes

2 months ago
Steve and his team did a fantastic job with our case. We came to his office a bit desperate because we had already been through a couple of denied petitions with a different law firm but Steve gave us hope. We were applying for an EB-1. Steve and his team built a very strong case and the first response from immigration was an intention to denial. We were crushed but Steve asked us to let him fight it . We were exhausted but we trusted him so we did , we gathered more information and he built an amazing response that ended with an approval. We are very grateful and blessed for their determination , kindness and talent.

Evita LaSasso

2 months ago

Steve and his team were recommended to us by my sister-law who is an attorney herself. She said that he is really good at what he is doing and will guide us through the process step by step.

My husband is American and I am from Europe. Even though we have been together for a long time, I was a little worried because we got married under my tourist visa, which might cause difficulties (Before that I had had J-1 and F-1 visas). We first contacted Steve a little over a year ago and now already waiting for my green card to come in the mail! YEY!

All I can say that he and the team were super thorough, organized and very responsive. Steve asked us to prepare extra evidence (such as letters from family/friends), gave us examples of how to do it correctly, in other-other words we just had to provide the documents and Steve and his team did the rest. Once the application was submitted (September) it took about 4 months (December) for me to get my work and travel authorization and I took advantage of both! I went back home to see my family and was able to enter back into the US with no problems.

Now we are in August, we had our interview last week. Before then we met with Steve to go through the interview process and some possible questions they might ask. To our surprise, the interviewer asked us very basic questions like “What is the full name of your spouse and where was he born?”. It was because our case was very strong and they didn’t have any doubts about the eligibility of our marriage thanks to Steve!

We highly recommend Steve Maggi!

2 months ago
My wife and I started working with Steve and his team about 2 years ago after meeting a couple of other lawyers. Steve quickly came up with a well explained and realistic short and long-term strategy to address our immigration issues which convinced us to work with him.
He guided us through all the steps (F1 and J1) along the way until we finally got our green card.
Steve and his team were extremely professionals and responsive, always available for a meeting, a phone call or to respond to an email. Steve was always extremely clear in communicating potential options or strategies, always outlining the pros and cons so we could make informed decisions. The trust between us and Steve was extremely important and felt really reassuring during the long periods of doubts that go with immigration processes.
We really recommend working with Steve and SMA lawyers.

Benoit Reinards

2 months ago
Steve and his team helped us tremendously. I had a particular case as I first had to ask for a change of status (from A2 to E2 visa). SMA helped with preparation of the case and made it very easy to know which documents were needed. All information was shared on a mutual Dropbox, so communication was easy and fast. We received twice an RFE from the US Immigration Dept., but again Steve and his team communicated clearly and provided solutions where necessary. What stood out for me in choosing SMA, is that they think along with your company. They take the time to get to know what you do and figure out how to approach the visa process with you. Thank you again Joanna, Rinske and Steve!

Dave Driessen

Steve Maggi and his team of professionals were extremely helpful in guiding myself, my wife, and our two children through the somewhat intimidating process of attaining an E2 visa for the US, from the Netherlands. Prior to speaking with Steve, several immigration consultants we spoke with were quite alarming and not reassuring at all. Steve very clearly spelled out the requirements, and the process, and consulted us and guided us extensively throughout the preparation and application process to ensure that we were properly prepared and set up to go. He dealt with more than a few worried phone calls in a gracious and patient fashion and always made time to speak with me. A pleasure to work with and clearly a man whose work is very close to his heart, I definitely recommend his company to anyone going through a similar process. We are very grateful and thankful for his assistance.

Green Card/Adjustment of Status

  • Michelle Manchir: My husband and I worked with Steve on an adjustment of status case for a green card and also employment authorization. He was thorough, efficient and professional, and we received the green card in record time following our interview. We would highly recommend him for anyone seeking help with immigration cases. A+
  • Karina Joubert: Going through any immigration process always seems scary and very complicated, Steve helped us with our family-based adjustment case and not only was it hassle free and easy but we got a positive outcome a lot sooner than expected! I would definitely recommend SMA Law firm to any going through any form of immigration process as they are professional and friendly and always respond to any e-mail, phone call or query you might have.
  • Maria Alejandra: I have used SMA for my family petition, which was approved quickly, as well as the removal of conditions application, which will give me my permanent residence. I plan on using SMA for my citizenship application as well. Steve has been very efficient throughout all these processes, showing in-depth knowledge of the process and creating very convincing and professional petitions, as well as accompanying us to our interview to make sure everything went smoothly. Steve understands that the outcomes of these family petitions are life-changing, and treats every case as if it were his own family. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to make their life in the U.S. and needs a visa or a green card. He will give you the best chance possible and will do so with honesty and integrity.

Green Card/Consular Processing

  • Lauren S: Steve Maggi at SMA Law Firm was recommended to us by a family member. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism I encountered from Steve and his staff. I appreciated that he took the time to answer all of my many questions and I really felt like our case was in good hands. Steve helped my husband apply for an immigrant visa to the US from Kuwait and while many people said it would take at least a year, the visa was issued within 9 months. I would recommend SMA Law Firm for anyone who is looking for a competent immigration attorney.
  • Damian Rodrigo Olivera Bergallo: I was denied my green card twice before I met Steve Maggi and once he started to work it only took 6 months to get my green card and make my dream of come to America true. I have been in the country for almost 3 years now and he is always working with me to keep my documents right and in time. He is a great professional. Thank you so much Steve!
  • Lina Ramirez: Steve Maggi Esq., how would I describe him? I would say extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, hardworking and trust worthy. These were all things I was looking for in an immigration attorney and found in him and with his firm. He was able to reunite my husband and I with his daughter (my step-daughter) after many years of separation. Steve Maggi worked hard submitting all paperwork and documentation needed for her petition before turning 21 years of age and even being faced with a couple of unexpected hurdles along the way from immigration and the consulate he was able to get our daughter approved for her permanent resident visa. I am thrilled to inform that our daughter will be arriving to the a couple of weeks. This is all thanks to the above attributes I mentioned Mr. Maggi has. If not for his in-depth knowledge and hard work our daughter’s arrival would not be possible. I appreciate his honesty because he never promised something he could not deliver. He did not guarantee anything and I liked that because there aren’t any guarantees in life. Honestly, I would not have wanted him as our attorney if he said don’t worry this is a sure thing,. He is compassionate because he understands the need of the client and their reason for needing his services and is ready willing and able to answer any questions you may have. He goes above and beyond and I am very happy to have had him as our attorney and working on our daughter’s case. I will forever be grateful to him as the person who worked tirelessly to reunite a daughter with her family. I would definitely recommend him and actually already have and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Mr. Maggi!! Simply put, You are THE BEST!!!!!!!

Green Card/Extraordinary Ability

  • Adrienne Hahn: Dedication, trust and reliability: In this day and age I have found it extremely difficult to find a lawyer who is trustworthy and honest. If you try to find a lawyer who fits your needs, you will be disappointed most of the time since most of them are simply always only about money and not about YOU or your case. I have found the OPPOSITE when I fist met Steve Maggi. Steve Maggi is not only highly professional, but he is a very kind and extraorinary person who always has an open ear for his clients and makes you feel very comfortable. Many may think: “Okay, that’s great! But can he get the job done?” – YES, HE CAN!!! And more so. If it had not been for Steve Maggi, I would hev never even tried out for my greencard. I would have never believed it was worth my time and money. Nevertheless, after a very short consultation I trusted the situation because Steve was able to convince me it was worth a try since I had a very strong case. He NEVER made any promises though and that’s what I liked. Most other lawyers would promise you anything to gain a new client. Not so him. I had to put in the work, of course, but through the long and complicated process, Steve Maggi was very helpful and dedicated, always answered all of my questions (and trust me, there were MANY!). He never made me feel uncomfortable and I must also say that his fees were reasonable. From day one until the day I received my greencard, he was always the lawyer I expected him to be or more. When we filed my case, I was approved in only 2 days! Obviously something that does not happen often. I worked hard to get all the paperwork done. We started in June 2014 and I was approved on September 30, 2014. A turbo boost is what people said. Since then, I have recommended Steve Maggi and his team to several of my friends who have also all been happy working with him. So would I recommend Steve Maggi as your immigration lawyer? You bet I would! (Google & Avvo)
  • Stephen W: Steve was brilliant! He took me through the whole process of obtaining a Green Card. His attention to detail was great and he was very thorough, Even though it can be stressful dealing with Government departments Steve made the process as simple as possible. I would highly recommend him. (Avvo)

Removal of Conditions with Waiver

  • L.: I was referred to Steve Maggi “SMA Law Firm'” after my disastrous experience with another attorney who did not understand the complexity of my case. After meeting with Steve Maggi I had no doubt that he was the right attorney for my complex case I-751 Waiver Petition, which was particularly complex due to a short duration of my marriage (6 months). Although the case was filed by another attorney, Steve agreed to take over the case and give me an opportunity to present the complete picture to the USCIS. I am delighted to report that my case was approved without an interview due to Steve’s professionalism and attention to details.  I highly recommend SMA Law Firm to any individual or company that is in search of an experienced immigration attorney.

Humanitarian Reinstatement

  • Jennifer Edwards: SMA law is an excelent law firm they help me if you are in the market for a lawyer. I recommend SMA law firm.


  • Rodolfo Lopez: Really professional services. Every detail is taken care of, minimum work on customer side. All messages I left were ALWAYS answered. I never left a message or sent a mail without receiving a feedback within the day. Highly recommendable.What else could you ask for? Highly recommendable.
  • Kofi Aidoo: Steve Maggi helped me get my citizenship! After many years of struggling with USCIS Steve helped me make my application and without his intervention I wouldn’t have ended the struggle and nightmare and received my citizenship.

Non-Immigrant Visas


  • Lucas: Steve is attentive, efficient and reliable. When I got busy and slow to respond, he stayed on top of me ensuring that we met all deadlines. He went above and beyond and really simplified what is a very complicated process. My #1 recommendation.
  • Vince: Steve has handled a number of visa applications for my firm and has provided expert guidance and service. He responds quickly to questions and manages the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend him and we will certainly use him again in the future. (Avvo)
  • Bernard Armoo: SMA Law Firm is the right law firm to use for your H1B visa petitions. Mr. Steve Maggi knows what he is doing. He offered an exceptional and professional service to obtain my H1B visa. It was a tough one (especially, after you have submitted your H1B petition and they respond by asking for more evidence), but Mr. Maggi was involved from begining to the end, and just a phone call or email away. Mr. Maggi understood how important it was to be granted this H1B visa, and he showed it through his work.
  • Joy Cheng: Steve helped me with my H1B visa and I trusted him a lot! He is very helpful and attentive. He was very willing to answer all my questions during the process. If you need someone to do your immigration visa, Steve is your best choice.

E-2 Visa

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre: I was helped by SMA while applying for an E2 Visa. SMA was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. At first, they helped me with precious tips regarding the business plan and they always made me feel well taken care of as we moved forward with my case.We were given a rough time in the interview at the embassy in Rome by a person who seemed like she was hell-bent on denying all petitions and we were required to create additional reports documenting my activity. SMA took control of it and in less than a week we were called in for a second interview and received our visa. I can certainly say that they know what they are doing and know immigration law inside out. I recommend SMA to anyone looking for the best immigration lawyers in the market.
  • Ruben Ayala: I highly recommend Steve Maggi and SMA Law Firm. Steve helped me to obtain my E-2 Visa under time pressure and complicated circumstances. His guidance, support and experience were of paramount importance to get positive results in a relative short period of time. Steve is not only a great and knowledgable Law professional, but also a great person who really cares about his clients.
  • Conrad Benham: I have nothing but accolades for Steve Maggi and his team at SMA Law Firm. Steve helped me devise and execute a smooth transition from one employer to another. The team assisted in preparing documentation for my E3 visa appointment at a US Consulate in Australia. All of my phone and email questions were promptly and extensively answered. I heartily recommend Steve and the crew at SMA Law Firm, they helped me rest easy knowing I was in good hands.
  • Lars Ivar Kristianslund: I just received my E2 investor visa. Steve helped me through the whole process from investing to start up, making sure everything was done correctly. He is highly professional and care for people. He is someone you can trust 100% and I highly recommend him as a immigration lawyer. Thankful there is such people out there. (FB & Google)
  • Auto Remind: Steve can maximize your chances! I am the CEO of a Danish company that decided to establish an American office. During the application process I was denied a US VISA twice. I worked with two different immigration lawyers who unsuccessfully tried to help with my issue. In a conversation with the Danish foreign ministry I was advised to talk to Steve Maggi, so he came highly recommended. After telling Steve my story about my VISA problems, he devised a plan for an E2-VISA. In only two months I received my E2-VISA. I am extremely happy that I can help my company grow while creating jobs in the US. If you are considering getting a US VISA, you should definitely talk to Steve. It is hard to get a VISA, but Steve can guide you in the process and maximize your chances! (Google & Avvo)
  • Emad Aziz: Steve Maggi and his team at SMA Law firm are highly knowledgeable and professional. we were told by other attorneys that it was a lengthy and time-consuming process, but we needed to apply on a very short, tight, deadline so we needed a better solution than what they were offering. We were referred to Steve as being great at coming up with creative and effective solutions, so we hired him. Thanks to his guidance and hard work, diligence and professionalism, we were able to and submit a complete package in a few short weeks, meeting our short deadline, and we managed to get our E-2 status approved in a record-breaking one day! Now we can run our business and live in the U.S. thanks to SMA! (Google)
  • Andries: I can highly recommend Steve Maggi as your immigration lawyer. I reached out to Steve Maggi December 2014 to apply for an E2 visa, we started gathering the documenten in January 2015 and the case got filed end of February 2015. Within 4 weeks we received a response from the US consulate and 3 weeks later I was invited for an interview. Steve is quick in his responses and knows what he is doing. Happy I was able to obtain my visa quickly and with professional support from Steve Maggi. (Avvo)

L-1 Visa: Intra-company Transfer

  • Shilpa Sethi: Steve is the best decision I made for my L1 visa. He is efficient and cares for his clients. I was terribly slow with responses because I was busy setting up and he took over and even pushed me so we got it all done in time. I highly recommend working with Steve and his great team.
  • Richard de Booij: Our Dutch company was introduced to Steve at an international company presentation. As our company was under time pressure to create our international status we needed someone to be knowledgable and agile. Steve was very helpful and decisive from the start. Within the given period our visa and plan were given the green light and happy to say the visa was granted. I am grateful this was delivered in a very professional way. On a lighter note Steve is a nice and socially motivated person, a special trait these days. (Avvo)
  • Shiraz Rizvi: A good and professional law firm. Our company has used them for a year now for immigration visas and we are more than satisfied with their performance. I even had a situation with my petition , which was very professionally handled and taken care of by them. I now have my approval finally. I can only thank them for their efforts and wish them all the luck for future. Will also recommend them to others. (FB)

H-3 Training Visa

  • Morgane Gervais: Steve helped me to get my H-3 training visa. We received a very long and difficult request for evidence and he worked very hard on it, coming up with very good arguments which were successful in convincing USCIS to approve the petition. I am very grateful to Steve for all his hard work and dedication. If it were not for his efforts and great work, I would not be in the U.S. now.
  • Yaniv Kalish: I have been working with Steve Maggi for 4 years on a variety of visa issues. Steve has won every case for me and have been very professional. I’ve referred many of my friends to Steve as I know they will be in good hands.
  • Anonymous: I filed for an H3 visa – a relative complicated process. Steve was knowledgeable about the visa and responded to my emails quickly. After we got a request for evidence request, Steve worked with me closely and intensively, allowing me to send a respond within a week – without charging me extra money. In the end my visa was approved and I give Steve full credit for the success.
  • Eva Du Monteil: Steve is fantastic!! If you’re looking to work with the best immigration attorney, look no further and go to Steve with your eyes closed. As someone who had previously hired the wrong lawyer, I can vouch for Steve’s expertise, genuine commitment to his clients, and outstanding services.I retained his services on two occasions, first for an H3 training visa, and second for a green card. Every time, he provided excellent service, helped me understand the processes and requirement, and guided me expertly to complete the procedures. Both cases were handled very, very quickly. That’s because Steve is organized and will tell you exactly what you need to provide, what you need to say, and won’t waste time filing your petition.He’s also very knowledgeable about U.S. immigration law and well aware of any changes that can affect your case. Mostly, Steve genuinely cares about you and your case and is very creative in helping you find a visa that is right for your situations. In my case, he was the ONLY attorney who suggested I did an H3 visa… None of the 10+ lawyers I had called prior to being referred to him even mentioned or knew what it was!This process is stressful, but now that it’s over, I’m really glad I went through with it. I highly encourage you to pursue it and let Steve take away the stress of the procedure.

O-1 Visa

  • Erica Manni: Steve Maggi really helped me in the process of getting my 0-1 approved ! I am from Italy and I decided to apply for the 0-1 after 3 years, and Steve did a wonderful job to put my case together and make it really strong. The artist visa is notoriously hard to get and from 2015 the rules have been even harder. Steve Maggi and Lora Minicucci really did some magic with my case !! If you are looking for a great immigration Lawyer, Steve Maggi is who you want to work with.
  • Noemi Rotllan: I’m writting this review in order to help people that are not sure which attorney to hire. SMA Law Firm is the one to choose. They are excellent professionals and they know what to do. I got my visa 0-1 thanks to them. This is what refers to their work; however SMA firm has a team of people that also cares people, which is not common in this field of sharks. If I have any problems in a future I would choose them again! I will strongly recommend SMA firm.
  • An Ny: SMA Law Firm is a firm of people who love people. They do whenever and whatever they can to help you and are always at their best. I would choose them again anytime!

P-3 Visa for Culturally Unique Performers

  • Olga Konina: I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who needs immigration advice or help. He assisted me through my case, answered every one of my dozens of questions and took all of my multiples calls. He was always polite, responsive, patient and knowledgeable. A great experience and result.

TN Visa for Canadian/Mexican Professionals

  • Sara Zebowitz: Steve Maggi offered advice and guidance throughout a bad experience with another lawyer, and then through work with him directly. He worked quickly and smoothly for a fast turnaround — exactly what was needed. Definitely recommend.

E-3 Visa for Australian Nationals

  • Conrad Benham: I have nothing but accolades for Steve Maggi and his team at SMA Law Firm. Steve helped me devise and execute a smooth transition from one employer to another. The team assisted in preparing documentation for my E3 visa appointment at a US Consulate in Australia. All of my phone and email questions were promptly and extensively answered. I heartily recommend Steve and the crew at SMA Law Firm, they helped me rest easy knowing I was in good hands.


  • Belen Araneda: It was an immense privilege and blessing to work with Steve from SMA Law Firm. He is extremely knowledgeable and he handled my case with a lot of care and expertise. He was very personable and showed himself to be very trustworthy from the first meeting we had. Everything worked out perfectly with my case and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Even after the case, he followed up with me and he has truly shown that he cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him and I know, without a doubt, that I will use his services again if/when needed.
  • Anonymous Client: Steve helped me file for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). He was very thorough and detailed with the application. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy and I felt I was in good hands the entire time. Because of his expertise, everything went as planned. We communicated very well and the entire process was very quick. Even after the application process, Steve has been available for any questions/concerns I’ve had. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.


  • Allen Ackerman: Professional, thorough and on point.
  • Vlad Kastelyansky: I’m using services of Mr. Maggi’s law firm for a while now. Alway exceptional. Very professional and attentive. They are really making things happen for you.
  • Anonymous Client: Steve is one our firm’s most trusted resources when it comes to matters of Immigration law. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise, yet humble and down to earth and is always excited to share his knowledge and educate others. He treats his clients with respect and is very easy to work with. If you are ever in need of an immigration attorney, look no further.