These visas are issued to crew members of international airlines and to aliens required for the normal operation and service of a air or sea vessel which travels internationally and stops in a U.S. port of entry. People who must apply for this visa include flight attendants and pilots for commercial airlines, as well as cruise liners. For cruise ship personnel, each individual U.S. embassy assesses the individual’s responsibilities and activities on the ship in order to determine whether this visa classification is the correct one. Crew members of cruise liners include, for example, beauticians, entertainers and lifeguards contracted by the cruise company.

Steve Maggi has assisted applicants whose prior convictions, criminal records and/or infractions of U.S. or a foreign nation’s has caused them to be put on a watch list or be denied a visa. Since the crew member visa is applied for directly at the applicant’s country of residence, SMA works to prepare the client’s applications foreseeing any inconveniences caused by their record, or to pursue a new application after a prior visa rejection.