What is an O-1B Visa?


The O-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa classification in the United States. It is intended for individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and who have been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements.

Here are the key points about the O-1B visa:

  1. Extraordinary […]
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What is an E2 Visa?


The E2 visa is a type of U.S. visa that allows individuals from treaty countries to enter, reside, and work in the United States based on their investment in a U.S. business. To qualify for this visa, the individual must:

  1. Be a national of a treaty country: The U.S. has treaties with various countries […]
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Asylum, the Border Crisis and Fixing the Process


My first experience in immigration law came in my first summer clerkship while attending Georgetown Law Center, in the summer of 1999. A former immigrant myself, I had gone through several immigration processes to eventually become a US citizen at 14 years of age, but I had never experienced the sheer fear of going […]

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What Immigration Reform is and Why We Need It


For as long as immigration has been a hot topic in politics, there has been one common conclusion that all people in the political spectrum agree on: The US immigration system does not work and needs to be overhauled. This article explores the requirements for immigration reform and highlights why it is crucial for […]

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Birthright Citizenship – It is time for a real overhaul of the system to reward those who follow the laws and punish those who don’t


Immigration and Birthright Citizenship – What We Need to Do to Deal with It.

Let’s face it – this country is a disaster on so many fronts. The government finally woke up out of its century-and-a-half-long slumber to establish Juneteenth. Yes, slavery happened, and it lasted four centuries and this country was built on the […]

Birthright Citizenship – It is time for a real overhaul of the system to reward those who follow the laws and punish those who don’t2024-05-09T12:06:37-04:00

Expendable to Essential


As the President pushes for meat-processing plants to re-open or stay open, the number of workers getting infected with Covid-19 continues to rise. Approximately 30% of workers at those plants are immigrants, some of whom are documented and some not. Pre-corona, these same plants were the targets for raids by the Immigration and Customs […]

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A Lion’s whimper – President Trump’s Executive Order


President Trump signed into effect a new executive order entitled “Suspension Of Entry Of Immigrants Who Present A Risk To The United States Labor Market During The Economic Recovery Following The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak”, on April 22, 2020.

While this sounds ominous and has the appearance of the great lion, king of the jungle, […]

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Greetings from the Epicenter


As someone who grew up in New York City, I was always told that the Big Apple was the center of the universe. In this global world, it was always cool to think that I was in such an important place and that was part of my motivation to move back here in 2011 […]

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Travel to the US and the coronavirus


Coronavirus, as of March 15, 2020, is leading to mass implementation of “social distancing”, and at the same time life necessitates that people travel, which puts individuals at further risk of exposure. In order to try to stem the spread of the virus in the U.S., President Trump announced a ban under section 212(f) […]

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The Coronavirus and Public Charge Rule


Between the time I write this article and each one of you reads it, the information about Coronavirus will be different and its impact greater. Many of you may think what does the Coronavirus have to do with immigration law and immigrants? Many of you will not care about immigrants’ rights unless it directly […]

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