No News is No News – – Don’t Be Scammed on Immigration Reform


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 We are almost a month into 2015 and so far there has been no news on immigration reform.  It looks like the regulations and the guidelines on the new remedies under the Executive Action won’t be released until at least mid-February.

Expectations are that the extension of the Deferred Action for […]

No News is No News – – Don’t Be Scammed on Immigration Reform2021-12-29T08:43:54-05:00

2015: Turning Over a New Leaf in Immigration?


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The end of 2014 is almost here, so let’s look forward to 2015:

What will be the effect of this immigration reform?

I believe the primary effect of President Obama’s Executive Action will be to mobilize people who are undocumented. Potentially 5 million people can apply for the […]

2015: Turning Over a New Leaf in Immigration?2024-03-04T12:31:42-05:00

5 Questions on Immigration Reform


1. What are the reasons for the Executive Action announced by the President on November 20th?

President George W. Bush gave a national TV address in May, 2006 to address the immigration problem in the U.S. and the need to reform the immigration system. He said that the vast majority of illegal immigrants […]

5 Questions on Immigration Reform2024-03-04T12:28:47-05:00
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