New York City’s Zoo-like status has reached its highest chaos level ever


Scorpions, the greatest rock band of all time, wrote a song about New York City at the beginning of the 80s, appropriately titled “The Zoo.” New York City has always prided itself on being the most chaotic and unbridled city in America, perhaps the world. Now, it has upped its game, becoming the center […]


New York City’s Zoo-like status has reached its highest chaos level ever2023-09-27T12:53:23-04:00

The E-2 Investor Visa Roadblock


The E-2 Investor visa provides opportunities for foreign nationals to put on their entrepreneurial hat and start a business, invest in that business and get a visa to run their new business in the U.S. For those reasons, I call this visa the “Entrepreneurial visa.” Still, it is technically called the “Treaty Investor […]


The E-2 Investor Visa Roadblock2023-09-27T13:02:19-04:00

Title 42, The Covid Excuse and The Equal Application of the Law to ALL


In April, I wrote a column about how the use of Title 42 not to follow due process and adequately process the removal of migrants who illegally entered the U.S. was outdated, given that the Covid epidemic had all but disappeared. On November 15, a federal judge agreed with me and struck it down.

Judge […]


Title 42, The Covid Excuse and The Equal Application of the Law to ALL2023-09-27T13:08:46-04:00

Tech layoffs and the 60 day grace period


An impromptu race for new employment has begun nationwide in the U.S. tech sector. With Twitter, Meta and Amazon all announcing massive layoffs, tens of thousands of workers, many highly skilled engineers, are scrambling for new employment.  Most people have experienced the stress of not knowing where their next paycheck comes from. Now imagine […]


Tech layoffs and the 60 day grace period2023-09-27T13:10:37-04:00

Expendable to Essential


As the President pushes for meat-processing plants to re-open or stay open, the number of workers getting infected with Covid-19 continues to rise. Approximately 30% of workers at those plants are immigrants, some of whom are documented and some not. Pre-corona, these same plants were the targets for raids by the Immigration and Customs […]


Expendable to Essential2023-10-11T13:44:45-04:00

Greetings from the Epicenter


As someone who grew up in New York City, I was always told that the Big Apple was the center of the universe. In this global world, it was always cool to think that I was in such an important place and that was part of my motivation to move back here in 2011 […]


Greetings from the Epicenter2023-10-11T13:19:05-04:00

Travel to the US and the coronavirus


Coronavirus, as of March 15, 2020, is leading to mass implementation of “social distancing”, and at the same time life necessitates that people travel, which puts individuals at further risk of exposure. In order to try to stem the spread of the virus in the U.S., President Trump announced a ban under section 212(f) […]


Travel to the US and the coronavirus2023-10-11T13:24:54-04:00

The Coronavirus and Public Charge Rule


Between the time I write this article and each one of you reads it, the information about Coronavirus will be different and its impact greater. Many of you may think what does the Coronavirus have to do with immigration law and immigrants? Many of you will not care about immigrants’ rights unless it directly […]


The Coronavirus and Public Charge Rule2023-10-11T13:30:46-04:00


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