The A to Z of US Immigration


U.S. Immigration law is an alphabet soup of visa categories and concepts, and I thought it would be interesting to try to go from A to Z and see if I could come up with something for each letter. Here goes!

A: Alien – This is the term used for any foreign national involved in […]

The A to Z of US Immigration2024-01-16T13:50:42-05:00

Why “Rock Stars” Deserve Green Cards Too!


The recent Super Bowl ad, which had the godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne, and Paul Stanley, the face of glam rock, objecting to the use of the term “Rock Star” for non-music-related overachievers was proof positive of the modern-day ubiquity of the term to connote being at the top of your field.

In 2017, […]

Why “Rock Stars” Deserve Green Cards Too!2024-01-02T11:42:07-05:00
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