SMA handles immigration cases in U.S. federal court, assisting clients with complex deportation defense due to criminal or immigration problems, with the goal of helping those already located in the U.S. to remain in the U.S., and in many cases, allowing families to stay together.

Our firm represents individuals and their families throughout New York, Florida and the Washington, D.C. metro area, and can serve your immigration needs regardless of whether you are in the U.S. or abroad. No matter what immigration problems you’re facing, we will work with you to find the right solution to fit your specific needs.

Steve Maggi heads the immigration defense practice in New York City. Some of the kinds of cases which he handles include:

  •  Deportation/Removal Defense
  •  Cancellation of Removal
  •  Waivers based on vacated criminal convictions
  •  Waivers based on hardship
  •  Bond Hearings in Immigration Courts
  •  Criminal Immigration Problems, Post-Conviction Relief and Expungements
  •  Asylum and Refugee Applications
  •  U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Applications and Appeals
  •  I-751 marriage waivers for conditional permanent residents
  •  Writ of Mandamus for Naturalization and Immigration Application Delays
  •  All Federal and BIA Appeals and Motions to Reopen