Business owners and investors are using Treaty Investor visa, also known as the  E-2 visa, to set up shop in the US.

The E-2 visa allows passport holders from any of the 80 E-2 countries that have treaties with the US to set up businesses in the US. Those businesses can be franchises or operations that the foreign national purchased.

In the majority of cases, the foreign national launches a business that is brand new, or transitions an extension, or shifts an existing business from their country to the US.

There are no limits as to what kind of business can apply for an E-2 petition, as long as they are operating legally. This creates a situation with a limitless number of options. Individuals can take their passions and previous experiences and mold them into a business they would like to operate.

Below are a few examples of businesses that SMA has worked with in the past year:

— A Mexican national purchased the franchise rights to Crunch Gym and set up various Crunch Gymnasiums.

— A German national signed a franchise agreement to set up a retail store for an Asian-based bath and body product company.

— An Italian social media marketing company launched US operations to essentially transition their business to the US.

— A Danish start-up that reminds patients of dental and doctor appointments, in order to maximize revenue and minimize cancellations, set up shop in New York.

— A Norwegian entrepreneur bought a Federal Express shipping route and set up a company to run all deliveries for that specific route in northern California.

— A UK national launched his own financial advisory company.

— A French father and son formed a joint venture to run an escape-room business in New York.

— A Dutch company opened a US construction and design management office in order to build out a new hotel in New York City.

— An Israeli national with French nationality funded an Israeli bakery.

— An Egyptian national opened a project management company.

— A Turkish national launched a ceramic tile and kitchen appliance company.

— A Lithuanian entrepreneur opened a 3D-imaging business.

— An Australian woman launched a real estate and investment flipping business.

— An Italian woman launched her own fashion design business.

What business idea might you bring to the US on an E-2 visa? Contact me today with questions or comments

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