The holidays are here and another year is about to come and go, but 2019 has been the hardest year in half a century for immigrants. The current administration has denied visas at astronomically rising levels and this had led to a drop in visa petitions being presented etc., a vicious circle which feeds on itself and helps the U.S. government to achieve its goals of greatly diminishing the number of foreign nationals who come to the U.S. When I write about this, I mean LEGAL immigration, people who start businesses and create hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN jobs, not those who cross the border illegally. SMA does not advocate for any abuse of the legal system, we advocate for hard-working immigrants who desire to enter legally and help the U.S. economy grow and build healthy, productive families in the U.S.
We can only hope that 2020 will bring stability to this country and also bring us all closer together as one. We can never forget that this country was built by legal immigrants brick by brick and nail by nail. These people came here with the hopes to build a better life and most did. Unfortunately, it seems that all of that has changed for the worse. That being said, as the founder of SMA, whose life’s mission is to help well-intentioned immigrants to achieve their unique versions of the American dream, SMA will never stop fighting for our clients from all over the world, no matter how many executive orders or public rule changes are thrown at us designed to destroy immigrant lives. We will keep fighting and winning, as immigrants do.