We’re pleased to announce that Steve Maggi will be in Amsterdam on November 14th, participating in a presentation entitled “Building the Bridge to Your American Dream.” The purpose of the presentation is to give businesses and entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch or expand their business operations into the United States. The presentation will take place November 14, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM Central European Time, and will include Q&A and networking session.

Steve Maggi will be focusing on visas, the legal steps necessary to qualify for them, and the best way for companies to plan each step of the process in step with their proposed launch dates.


When business entities expand into the US, they often feel that they already understand American culture. They may have come here as tourists, or perhaps they’ve watched American movies, and they think that the transition will be simple for them. What they often learn is that they are actually not prepared.

Preparation is everything when planning a US business launch or expansion, and many of the most important factors to be considered will be addressed by the three presenting companies.

The Netherlands: An Economic Powerhouse

The idea for this conference came about in meeting extremely professional people from two companies in New York that have strong ties to the Netherlands, and that focus on preparing their clients for transitions and expansions in the United States, a perfect complement to SMA Law Firm’s main focuses.

– Crust Young focuses on intercultural dynamics in business. Crust Young helps its clients – on an executive level – to think and learn about doing business internationally, to adapt their strategies based on what they learn about the business cultures they deal with, and how it will affect their structure, planning and teamwork.

– Another company that helps businesses transition to the US is called TransAtlantic Business Services or TABS. TABS takes care of the ‘back office’, allowing companies to focus on business development in the United States. The unique, customizable approach is designed to help create valuable strategic partnerships and keep expansion costs low.

These companies have a strong focus on Dutch investors, entrepreneurs and businesses, which is noteworthy because the Netherlands is the second largest investor in the US for business purposes, particularly in New York – whose early history in New York makes the city as Dutch as it is anything else.

Steve Maggi will complement this by discussing issues such as how to use your concept, brand or business model as a platform for expansion to the US and as a vehicle to obtain visas and green cards, real-case examples of different options, their advantages and disadvantages, timing issues, as well as short-term and long-term strategies.


The takeaway of the presentation is that planning, preparation and timing are of paramount importance when planning a potential business launch or expansion into the U.S., and working with companies specialized in the relevant fields and corresponding jurisdictions is the key to preserving your investment and maximizing your chances of success.

To learn more or if you are interested in attending, contact Steve Maggi here.

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